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Mask material has been wash tested up to 50 washes but normally, you will discover it will last much longer

With care filters they can be cleaned for multiple uses and there is not a set limit.

Disposable masks cannot be recycled due to health concerns. Also, many commercially available masks are made from layers of plastics and are designed to be single-use, it is estimated that, if people used a mask every day for a year, this would create over 66,000,000 lbs. of contaminated plastic in Canada alone.

In Canada alone over 13,720,350,000, potentially hazardous masks, would end of in our land fills.

NO! if everyone did this in the world this would be over 9,700,000,000,000,000,000 masks buried in the earths soil.

Breathability , many fabrics can not be dual layer because they will not allow you to easily breathe

We asked ourselves the same thing? and have no answer?

We are convinced, that over time, it will be shown that wearing a mask will save lives and that wearing a technically superior mask, is a prudent, well thought out, needed measure for staying healthy.

We do have faith in Canada Post, (as they deliver over 1 million parcels a day)
but they do not supply any tracking information for their most economical service (Lettermail™). If you decide to pick this option for shipping, we cannot be responsible for time delays or accept any claims for lost shipments. Please choose one of our other shipping options if you have any concerns.

Video — Designer Doug Thom explains why the Care Mask is a better mask.

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